It is hard to comprehend and answer why my 144Hz monitor is only showing 60Hz if you are not conversant with basic knowledge about the monitors, their display specifications, upgrade mechanism, and compatibility. There is a number of factors contributing to the display quality that you experience in front of you on your screen.

Just buying a cable and plugging it in is not the only way to have good quality but you must know your requirement, your system compatibility, and the standard of HDMI or any connector you are using though. The cable quality, you are using might be resisting one to run at more than 60 Hz refresh rate.

Let’s Understand 144 Hz

144 Hz display is capable of refreshing images at a frequency of 144 times per second. So it basically decides how much smooth and responsive your monitor is. To get this maximum out of your display screen, you need to know and do a few things.

You must see inter compatibility graphic card and monitor as per its specification.

2ndly, do enable the 144Hz setting in the graphic card setting module.

Finally, you would need to set the refresh rate of your monitor at 144 Hz.

You are done with your job!

If the query, 144Hz Monitor is only Showing 60Hz is still there. Read out this blog thoroughly, you will reach the answers. To answer, my 144hz monitor is only showing 60hz, you need to confirm the specs of your screen. Open the setting window and click on the system, then opt for the display option.

See the advanced setting and open it. There you will find a detailed description of your computer specifications including its model, manufacture date, graphic card details, resolution and refresh rates. Where you can confirm that either your monitor and graphic card are compatible or not. For graphic card settings hold the window key and press R on your keyboard.

Write “dxdiag” and enter it. Dun Direct X diagnostic tool will get opened. Opt there for the display tab where you will come to know the complete required details of your graphic card like model, manufacturer, version, and many more.

What Next?

Now you have to change your graphic card display setting to 114Hz. There are a few ways to do so:-

• While having windows 10 in your mighty system. Click on the start menu and there opt for the display setting. You can confirm the present refresh rate from there. Select maximum refresh rate over there. That’s it!

Conventional monitors have a setting button, press that and opt for information in the open menu. Resolution setting would be displayed. Change it to 144Hz. That’s it. This procedure may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but this is what it is. Do consult the user manual to help yourself.

Still, you are facing a problem? Strange?

Read this out

After completing all the procedures apprehended above, you are still bothered by the phrase that my monitor is 144hz but only 60hz is the output. This issue traces back to your connecting cable. All cables you have might be of the same physical appearance but may not confirm the same standards of output being dependent on their quality and purpose. Read out a separate blog having details of all the cables and you would find what suits you.

Furthermore, refresh rate is another deciding factor to this aspect. But after any software and hardware upgrade, you need to refresh and restart your computer to get configured with those changes.

The Outcome Of The Discussion

So, why does my 144hz monitor say 60hz will not be the topic of the debate anymore if you have comprehended all the issues and changes related to the display output of your computer. Multiple reasons leading to one single problem if traced and killed one by one will then lead you to the solution you need.


My Monitor Isn’t Displaying 165Hz?

A number of reasons can be there causing this issue. Every issue has its own way to deal with accordingly. One of the reasons for the display of low image quality is the Graphic card which probably is not of the standard and specifications which you need. Confirm your card that fits into the criteria as required to give an output of 165 Hz.

Apart from that, see your card setting and confirm of change whatever the case may be to the desired setting which is 165 Hz in parallel to the graphic card.

What Should I Do If My Monitor Only Displays 144hz?

Confirm the maximum refresh rate of your monitor device. If it is cable to display 144 Hz then select that option in the relevant menu otherwise you would be required to change your machine. 2ndly confirm the specs and settings of your graphic card which must be equivalent to that of the monitor screen.

Installation Of A New Window Can Solve My Display Issues?

Not at all! It’s universal for all of us to have less knowledge about the working of software in parallel with our hardware. It helps in solving meager issues but not compatibility or setting issues. Even then if you want to install your window. Must keep your backup as solving one issue may create many more problems for you. A word of advice.

For display issues, you need to get more knowledge about your graphic card and its compatibility with the hardware of your machine.


why my 144Hz monitor is only showing 60Hz is the problem faced the most but addressed the least because of less understanding of the minor technicalities involved in the display mechanics of your machine. Any updates made to the system should be done while consulting its technical specifications of software and hardware both.

Their compatibility put a lot of shares into its function as desired by the user. Do consult our different blogs shared by experts before going to market for addressing any issue in your system. Your can better helps yourself if you the way how to do to so.

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