In this blog, we’ll examine the question of what to do with old computer monitors and the different things you can do with an old monitor. The obvious answer is that you can use it as a monitor, but that’s not the only way.

You can create all sorts of things with a computer monitor that you can use inside and outside the office or at home. The variety of things you can do with old monitors is surprising, but they are all very interesting and helpful.

This blog aims to look at the different things you can create with a computer monitor. Every year, thousands of computer monitors are discarded and end up in landfills. Lead, cadmium, and mercury, which are toxic to both people and the environment, are found in old computer monitors.

In addition, computer monitors contain other toxic materials that could be dangerous if you dispose of them right away. The following are some of the best ways to reuse an old computer monitor.

Use The Old monitor As A Secondary Display.

When you can have two monitors, why use one? Using an old computer monitor as a secondary display is an excellent way to get the most out of your existing hardware by expanding your desktop space.

The most common choice for positioning an old computer monitor is to attach it to either the left or right. Still, there are also more creative ways of using it, as a third-party monitor arm can be purchased that allows for either mounting the old computer monitor above another display, or even in portrait orientation!

Turn Your Old Computer Monitor Into A TV Using A Streaming Device.

If you’re looking for small televisions, one option to consider is an old computer monitor, since they can be repurposed and reworked into small TVs easily. What’s great about using this product is that consumers won’t worry about overspending on televisions since there are plenty available at relatively high price ranges.

It’s simple to convert an old computer monitor into a TV by connecting a streaming device. Any Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Roku device will work for this purpose, but if you want to make it stand out, these three options are worth looking at.

Fire TV Lite: Streaming device connected wirelessly to HDMI.

Roku Express: an excellent streaming device with a helpful remote that’s bundled with the device.

A Chromecast with Google TV is a high-end option for streaming content from well-known websites or through a Chrome browser.

Use Your Old Computer Monitor As A Smart Home Dashboard

The term “smart dashboard” is often applied to computer monitors which display information or use the web or other networked features. A smart home dashboard could provide you with live and continuous updates on your home.

With a smart dashboard, you have constant access to and can easily keep track of the status of all your devices, appliances, and security system parameters even when you’re not at home. You can set your alarm system to alert you via the dashboard if someone opens a door or turns off the security system while you are away.

Smart dashboards are very convenient as they provide information all in one place with no extra effort on your part. You can modify the old monitor to serve as a smart business dashboard. which will display metrics such as revenue and employee reviews on office televisions (and thereby alert employees in real time if certain levels are not met).

Similarly, a climate control system user might use a projector to monitor HVAC systems. Both of these examples would be considered “smart” because the data being displayed is customizable and updated in real-time via an internet connection, providing useful information that users can view at their convenience from anywhere in the building.

In recent years, the demand for smart home apps has increased significantly. You have a wide range of options to pick from, and this is just a small selection of some of the most well-liked ones.

SharpTools : Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
HomeHabit : Android, iOS (beta)
Calaos : Linux, Android, iOS, and more
OpenHab : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Make A DIY “Your-Eyes-Only” Monitor

In an open office setting or at home, you might occasionally be working on a private project. However, there are snooping eyes at bay, and you can’t have your coworkers or children see what’s on the screen when you read certain materials or browse certain websites (we understand you need your alone time).

To keep them away from seeing what is distracting you for a little while, you could make what’s referred to as a “Your-Eyes-Only” screen from an old monitor. You will simply cut off the old monitor’s polarizing film.

You will have to use a special tool made of circular edges in order to cut out the polarized film from the old monitor. After that, a set of plain glasses will be placed on this film. Now, nobody can see anything on your screen because it is white and blank.

But with these new glasses, you’ll be able to see them. It’s one of the best ways to keep people from seeing your computer screen when you wish to work in private.
Working on a dated computer monitor is advised because mistakes can be made.

You’ll be removing the anti-glare and polarizing films while also disassembling, then reassembling, the monitor. You must also separate the polarizing from the antiglare film. For further details, visit Privacy Monitor Hacked From an Old LCD Monitor or watch videos on YouTube about a your-eye-only monitor.

Turn An Old LCD Monitor Into A DIY Smart Mirror

Getting rid of old computer parts, like broken LCD monitors, can be very frustrating. And so, if you do find yourself in the unenviable position of having to throw one away, why not take it a step further and make it into something useful?

How about turning your old monitor – whether it’s working or not – into a smart magic mirror? You can make a smart mirror from an old monitor. It is an easy job to do and costs almost nothing. Here are the main steps:

Step 1: Find a Monitor.
Step 2: You will need a Frame.
Step 3: Set up the frame and attach the screen.
Step 4: Hook the screen to your computer.
Step 5: Add the software.

To get a step-by-step guide, watch videos on YouTube or visit .


What To Do With Old Monitor?

There are many new and different ways to use old computer monitors. For example, you can recycle them by using them for items like a digital picture frame or a television. Your monitor can be used as a home entertainment system as well.

You can use your old monitor to build the centerpiece of a home media center that will allow you to play games, surf the internet, and watch your favorite DVDs. You can even build your own media center by following some basic [DIY] plans.

Once you’ve finished building it, you can use your media center for a variety of purposes. For example, you can stream videos and music through your media center to your TV, which will allow you to experience a better quality of sound.

How Much Are Old Computer Monitors Worth?

There are many ways to convert your used computer monitors into cash. You can sell your computer monitors online or by using an online buy and sell platform. The cost of an old computer monitor mainly depends on its size and the quality of the panel.

A monitor with a screen size of 10.4 inches can be sold for about $10, while a 13.3 inches screen is worth about $20. A 20 inches screen is worth about $30. As for the panel quality: the best quality is A+, which can be sold for $20. The average quality is A, and the worst quality is C, which can be sold for $10.

What To Do With Old Computer Screens?

The biggest use for computer monitors is as a secondary display for your computer. I have three monitors set up at the moment, with two on the side and one on the back on the wall behind my desk. This helps me focus more on the computer screen and gives me more screen space to edit documents or watch videos.

You can go to an electronics recycling facility and get money for your computer screens. Digital Disposal is one of the most reliable electronics recycling companies in the U.S. It makes money from old computer screens. But if you live in an area where no such facility is available, then you can go to and search for the nearest facility.


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