Have you been curious about what is refresh rate?

Whenever you go to buy a monitor you see a word in the specification refresh rate either 60Hz, 90Hz, or 120Hz.Are you interested in knowing what we mean by it in monitors?

Whenever you go to get a monitor there are some key elements that you should acknowledge- Refresh rate is one of them. That’s the reason that you should understand what its meaning is and how it will damage your visual experience. After reading this post, you will have a firm grip on the meaning and importance of it. As we are going to discuss what happens at higher and lower refresh rates.

How it can amplify your gaming venture. So, let us get into it;

What Is Refresh Rate

It simply means the number of times a monitor screens a new image in a second. In simpler terms, the number of times the display device generates another image in a second. It is given in Hertz or Hz. For example, if we have a 60 this means the monitor will generate about 60 new images in one second.

Refresh Rate VS Frame Rate

Here a question arises, are refresh rate and frame rate the same thing? NO. Refresh rate is something that is controlled by the monitor and not by the graphic card. The only relationship between the two is that a high refresh rate requires a high frame rate.

Otherwise, the display will be affected. If your monitor has specifications of 144Hz but your CPU and GPU do not support this, then your monitor will be unable to provide you with the experience you are expecting.

In the same way, if your GPU and CPU are stronger and produce about a 90 Hz frame rate but you have a monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate then the remaining frames will be unseen. So, before buying a high refresh rate monitor check your system capacity and buy a monitor accordingly.

Ideal Refresh Rate

If you are not into gaming or video editing or animating, then you can buy a monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz which will work perfectly.

But if you are a gamer who plays games day and night and do not want to miss a single frame and want a smooth experience. Investing in a computer monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz is a great decision. Technologies that Sink GPU with The Refresh Rate of Monitor:

Technologies that synchronize the GPU with the monitor refresh rate are

Nvidia G-Sync.
MD Free-Sync.

These technologies optimize the refresh rate with the GPU and avoid image lag and no frames are missed. You get the best possible optimization.

How To Check Systems Capacity?

If you want to evaluate the FPS of your system you should run a game on your PC. Use a frame rate monitoring utility or a screen refresh rate test that will help you get your system average FPS. You can also check the specifications of other players to have an idea of what to expect.

How To Choose The Right Monitor?

It is not necessary to choose a monitor that has a Hz rate exactly equal to the FPS of your system. You must keep in mind your requirement, screen size that is suitable for you, resolution, and aspect ratio.

If your system works best with these specifications buying a monitor with the highest Hz rate is not mandatory.

Why Do You Need A High Refresh Rate?

Now you understand what is meant by Hz rate and how it differs from frame rate. Another question arises, why should you get a HIGH Hz MONITOR?

Perks Of High Refresh Rate For Gamers

A high refresh rate means avoiding flickering and avoiding pressure on the eye. When you are playing games you must use high-resolution monitors. They help you focus on the game and avoid tearing down the image during competitive gaming.

A high refresh rate also helps you in smooth cursor movement and you will easily feel the difference. In competitive gaming, a refresh rate of 120 Hz is ideal.

This will allow you to see a detailed image of the fast-moving objects. The gaming quality is also based on the kind of game you are playing. Games with heavy graphics require high refresh rate monitors with high FPS GPU and vice versa.

Perks Of High Refresh Rate For Video Editors And Animators

Professional video editors and animators have to focus on each frame and every detail of the image for which they require a monitor with a high Hz rate.

For normal purposes, a refresh rate of 60-90 Hz is a good choice but for editors and animators, a Hz rate of 144 Hz or 165 Hz is suitable. The most essential benefit of a high Hz monitor is to improve the resolution of the motion. This avoids shuttering the image and also keep the image crystal clear. A high Hz rate helps them in viewing each and every detail of the image and no loss of quality.

This helps them ineffective working. One important thing to keep in mind is that a high Hz monitor also requires a GPU and CPU which support it.

What Are Refresh Rates On TV

Normally LCD/ LED’s offer two types of refresh rate one is 60hz which works on display image 60 times per second and another one is 120hz which means 120 refresh rate per second. TV makers found that they can mimic frame rate by adding an extra flicker.

Avoiding Ghosting And Tearing

By ghosting, we mean blurring of the image in motion in which the last image appears on the next image generated. By tearing we mean that two different frames appear at the same time.

To avoid ghosting and tearing high Hz monitors are preferred. A monitor of 120 Hz will help in the better motion of videos and games. Do you want to know what we mean by refresh rate in monitors?


It is an important specification. As it is dependent on the monitor while the frame rate is dependent on the GPU. In order to get a better experience and results your frame rate must match with the refresh rate of the monitor.

Check your system capability before buying a monitor. Gamers, video editors, and animators require a high refresh rate monitor.

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