Here is the blog to answer you what is Dolby vision? Just sit upright and read this blog carefully. It’s a matter of a few minutes to understand this terminology. Dolby Vision is a technology that has been developed by Dolby laboratories to provide high dynamic range (HDR) video.

In the later part of this blog, I will also put you wise on high dynamic range (HDR) video. Dolby vision was inducted into formal service in 2014 being the first-ever HDR format. To regularize Dolby vision, Dolby vision IQ was introduced as an updated version.

If we talk about a facilitator of 8k resolution with up to 12-bit depth of color and brightness peak of max 10000 nits then it is what is called as Dolby vision technology. However few versions of Dolby vision are still limited to 4000 nits’ brightness.

What Else?

Apart from the capability of content creation to have a highly granular level of picture sets, what is Dolby vision? That Dolby vision also enables a vast range of settings than the conventional one. Seems interesting! Like convention HDR 10 May supports a brightness of 1000 nits at maximum but Dolby vision can support 10,000 nits if we talk about picture brightness.

If we keep going with comparison, convention HDR 10 has color specification at 10 bits data but again Dolby vision goes till 12 bits of data.

What Is HDR?

High Dynamic Range improves the range of color properties in digital imaging. HDR holds good for picture and video both. In the case of video, every single scene is recorded with different pixels at the same time. Afterward, all those snaps are merged together to create a single video. This improves the hue and color appearance of the video thus fascinating the audience with its realistic and dramatized appearance.

To have a good result, the connected display device must be supporting HDR. This means it must support 10-bit color and a range of RBG (Red, blue and yellow).

IS HDR 10+ Dolby Vision?

No, it’s not like that! HDR 10+ is backed by Samsung and we can say it’s similar to Dolby technology but at the same time, they are different. It can also regularize images from scene to scene. Its more viable than HDR 10 but lacks in brightness and color depth from Dolby vision.

But its availability is a matter of great concern. While supporting Dolby vision, the device may not need special up-gradation to support HDR 10+ while getting Dolby Vison you may bare license cost for degradation.

Technical Aspects

Being an open standard, HDR 10 is used by creators for free. While Dolby vision is not an open standard but requires the user and manufacturers to pay for its mighty loyalty. The major difference between both is that of metadata format in Dolby vision which tunes up the image quality scene to scene while HDR 10 is a standard one.

Meaning by, Dolby vision can better manage the quality of contrast, brightness, hue, and other properties of color and ensure better standards of picture quality by having deep excess to manipulation of color chemistry. In addition to that, Dolby vision can support 12 but in terms of peak brightness and 10,000 nits.

What Is Dolby Vision


How To Enjoy Movies And Games With Dolby Vision?

Everyone out of us wants to have a quality image value. So we normally need two things to have a quality experience with Dolby vision. One a TV monitor that has the capacity to display Dolby vision figures, and the second thing we always have is something to play on and watch.

But that must be something interesting. Today, Dolby vision has been made supported in a vast variety of TVs and other screens by different manufacturers.

Many paid service providers have already got the loyalty to Dolby vision framework but a rented Dolby vision can be purchased if wanted from some other service providers. Normally a logo is placed on the box is supported and you have to opt for that to have a Dolby vision quality interface. Today most of the studios have opted for and purchased the loyalty of videos supported by Dolby vision.

What Is HLG?

HLG is a hybrid Log-Gamma. Thus technology is launched by NHL which is a Japan-based company. This technology facilitated most of the broadcasters to have HDR lie image quality on those devices which only supported SDR earlier. While having free loyalty, the HLG format is also compatible with those devices capable of providing both HDR and SDR only.

Jumping into HDR 10+, it is basically more pronounced because it provides almost equal features to Dolby vision but the pronounced difference is that of free loyalty which is never ever given by Dolby vision. HDR 10+ was started in April 2017 by the joint venture of amazon and Samsung.


Dolby vision has outperformed in the world of HDR format of picture and video in every field of life. Whether it is for commercial, entertainment, or office use, it gives its contributes to facilitating every end-user to have HDR format.

It makes customer enjoys high resolutions experience while having quality pictures on their TVs or other devices. It enables manufacturers to have absolute control over optimizing and programming the video quality of their products and screens. Good thing is that it has started induction into modern smartphones like iPhone etc.

Times are gone when Dolby vision was perceived to be requiring an independent chip but it can now be added on through a firmware update while the processor has a powerful base.

The standard HDR 10 is free to be used by the user but Dolby vision needs payment to prove your loyalty. So, if you are striving for Dolby vision upgrade then you definitely have to pay it dearly. Otherwise HDR 10 is always a loyal friend and is there for you to provide you with little less but free services.

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