Eyes and vision are precious gifts of God. Nowadays time in front of the screen is increased, as per reports the average American spends over 7 hours in front of the screen and British people spend more than 6 hours which is stressful and dangerous for vision.

But the decision you make to choose the most efficient monitor used in our computers nowadays can give you big relief, before going to choose the best product for you to let me explain where the problem starts.

Why Has Screen Looking Time Increased In Recent Few Years?

There are several reasons for increasing this time, but a few are highlighted below.


When WHO declared Covid-19 spread as a global health emergency, countries isolate their people to their homes which eventually encourage households to spend more time in front of televisions computers, and mobile.

Use Of Computers Everywhere

Nowadays every business physical or online is pillared by information technology (Computers) causes more use of screens too.

Increased Use Of Mobile And Tabs

As per reports using mobile or tablets increased from 8% to 40% among kids in the last three years and children and toddlers spend twice as much time in front of a screen instead of physical games.

Advanced And Interesting Online Games

Nowadays advanced and attractive online games addict not only kids but adults too e.g, PUBG, Minecraft, Call of Duty and Apex Legends, etc. like games increase the screen time among all people.

How Can We Reduce The Hazard Of The Abundant Use Of Screens?

Making the decision to select the most efficient monitor used in our computers nowadays would be not other than the one which is eyes friendly, balanced Pixel Pitch & Pixel Size (resolution density). Apart from the selection of the product, there are several more factors involved in the comfort which are following.

1. Best Setting Position While Using Your Computer

When you use a computer continuously for more than 6 hours it causes much pain in your body, that pain increased because of your setting position as shown in the picture below.

To decrease the pain, you can adjust your chair, your desk, and your monitor accordingly, which makes your work posture more comfortable to brings efficiency to your daily productivity, as per our research the below-setting posture is the best one for you.

2. Heigh Weight Resolution And position Of Your Monitor

These all play a very important role for that first you must select the most efficient monitor used in our computers nowadays.

Monitor Height

The height of the screen should be as high as your eyes, which wouldn’t cause discomfort and pain only but will also increase your workflow and production at work.

The Angle Of The Monitor Screen

The angle of the screen should be horizontal with 30 degrees angle to your body position. It will save your eyes from the direct blue rays coming from the screen, which mostly cause eyes elegies, pain, and headache.

Distance From Screen

The distance between the body/eyes and the monitor/screen is called viewing distance, the recommended distance from the screen is full stretch arm length but that can vary a bit according to the screen size and fonts. The best practice is to keep as far as your stretched arm from the computer and then set the screen resolution and fonts to the best of your eye’s comfort.

How will you judge the best resolution and fonts? For that you must observe your eye’s response to the font and resolution, in simple your eyes should be easy to read with no pain and load.

You should know the following basic and technical aspects of screen


The display is the maximum number of pixels for every dimension of the screen.


All the colors in the display are a combination of three main colors Red, Green, and Blue which are shortly called RGB, they use 8 bits each in integer from 0 – to – 255


Pixel is the smallest point on a display or the building block of any visual video or picture is called Pixel.

Pixels Per Inch/Pixel Density

The number of pixels (RGB) per square inch on any digital image or video is called PPI (Pixel Per Inch) or pixel density.

Dot Pitch

The diagonal distance from one pixel to another is called dot pitch which is also calculated in the above calculator, you can see the picture for better understanding.


All the information is provided to you to give a brief concept and to ease your decision to procure the most efficient monitor used in our computers nowadays.

My Findings

In my opinion, we should follow the procurement process model considering the above information given which are having the following steps.

1st Step: First create a purchase order as per your need

2nd Step: Request quotes from different vendors

3rd Step: Analyze vendors as per their reviews and goodwill

4th Step: Negotiate/bargain order as per your budget and need

5th Step: Receive the Product open the box check the product

6th Step: Receive the Invoice & pay

7th Step: Analyze product after use

8th Step: Give your feedback to the vendor as per your experience with the product

9th Step: Procurement is done now continue business for the future if you are satisfied with the product and services

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