In this article, we will discuss the following points

-What sleep mode is and why do LCD monitors enter it

-How to prevent your monitor from entering sleep mode

-What to do if your monitor is already in sleep mode?

When Windows computers are idle for a certain period of time, power-saving features are activated. By default, this feature is turned on for new computers, but administrative users can change the inactivity time required or disable the feature altogether. There are several methods you can use if you want to wake up your computer’s monitor out of sleep mode once it has gone into this mode.

Try The Following Steps

Step 1

To wake up your LCD monitor first, check to see if it is on. A yellow status LED indicates that the device is in sleep mode. If it is on, drag your mouse a few times. The monitor will typically wake up as a result. In case it doesn’t, keep reading.

Step 2

Simply press any keyboard key. This should turn on your LCD monitor’s status LED. If the LED doesn’t turn green or blue (depending on your monitor’s color scheme), try the next step.

Step 3

Depending on your LCD monitor, you may need to press the “Input” button multiple times before the device wakes up. Your monitor won’t display any images if the input mode is set incorrectly. To fix this, simply check that the input mode is set correctly before pressing the “Input” button. The monitor ought to receive the signal and awaken automatically after being reset to the correct input mode.

Why Is The Monitor LED Blinking?

The monitor LED is blinking to tell you that your PC is not operating correctly. There may be one of the following errors present if the monitor LED is blinking:


A Power Supply Fault



Blown Capacitor

A defective main board

Improperly connected power cable

Defective video cable

Power off in sleep or hibernation mode. If you are not sure what the error is, we recommend you contact your local service center.


How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On Dell Monitor

If you have a Dell monitor, then you may have run into this problem. No matter what you do, the monitor will not wake up from its sleep mode. The first thing to check is that the power cord is properly plugged into the monitor and outlet. If it is, then press the power button. This may put it back into normal operating mode. Also, sometimes Dell monitors have a power switch on the back or side that can be turned off or on by accident. Your monitor could have been unintentionally turned off.

How To Come Out Of Standby On An HP Pavilion

Your HP Pavilion PC is in standby mode when the power light is off and the power button is a dim red color and still blinking. Try the following steps to get out of standby mode on a Pavilion:

To get out of the standby mode on your HP Pavilion, you have to press the power button on your system and then wait for the system to reboot. Holding the power button for at least two seconds if the system is in standby mode.

How To Hook Up A TV For A Monitor To An Acer TravelMate?

One of the most common ways to use a TV as a monitor is to plug it in via HDMI. This means you will need to find an HDMI cable (not included). If your TV doesn’t have an available HDMI input, there are adapters for this, so you can plug in your computer’s DVI or VGA output.

How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On Dell Monitor?

Dell monitors are not set to automatically turn off when they’re not in use. If you want the monitor to shut off after a period of time, go to the “Power” tab of your computer’s settings, click “Choose when the computer goes into sleep mode” and change the drop-down to “Never.”

How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On Monitor?

If you have a desktop computer, the most likely reason you are having problems is because of your monitor. The best way to turn off the sleep mode is to disable the energy-saving functions on your monitor. Press F8 as soon as your computer turns on to accomplish this. Then, you’ll have a selection of startup options. Decide to “Disable Sleep.”

Troubleshooting A Sharp LCD Monitor

If you are encountering a problem with a sharp LCD monitor, the first thing you should do is to turn it off and unplug the power cord. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the monitor’s screen. Make sure to wipe any dust away from the edges of the monitor screen. Next, touch the screen monitor with both hands to see if any of the spots are still present. If they are, they may be stuck on the screen.

The display would need to be replaced. If you cannot see any spots on the screen when you are done, then this may actually be a problem with your monitor. If you can still see spots on the screen, you should try turning the monitor on and taking a closer look.

If you see black spots, then there is a problem with your monitor. It needs to be replaced. If there are colored spots on the screen, then this means that you have a pixel issue. Simply changing your monitor will solve this issue.


We hope this quick post was helpful in getting your LCD monitor out of sleep mode and back to normal. If you have any questions or have any suggestions on other topics you would like to see us cover, please feel free to write them down in the comments. Have quite a terrific day and thanks for taking the time!

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