Do you love gaming more than anything else in this world? Is gaming your way of relaxing? then you are at the right place. We are going to tell you each and every detail that will help you in choosing what kind of monitor is best for gaming?

What’s the point of having a top-notch graphic card when your monitor is 1080\60Hz? The symbiotic relationship between the graphic card and the monitor will provide you with an extraordinary gaming experience.

We are here to help you in selecting the best monitor for gaming that will amplify your gaming joy. We will provide you with the best and most specific recommendations for 1080p, 1440p, and also it is the best monitors for gaming 4k in 2022:

Key Things To Know

There are a few things that you need to know before you buy a monitor for your gaming. Let us discuss them one by one;

Resolution Aspect Ratio

There are three primary resolutions to decide on;

1. 1080p | 2. 1440p | 3. 2160p or 4K gaming monitors

There are also three aspect ratios;

1. 16:9 (Widescreen) | 2. 21:9 (Ultrawide screen) | 3. 32:9 (Super Ultrawide screen)

Here one point should be kept in mind the Ultrawide \ super ultrawide screen is for PC not for console gamers. For gamers, it is preferable to have a small screen size. This will help them to keep the screen closer to their eyes and to see the whole screen in view.

So, here is the main question that arises what is the best monitors for gaming? and what is the specification for games, we will guide you here!

The answer will help a lot in competitive multi-player competitions. If you are not into competitive gaming then you can have a Quad High-Definition monitor with greater that give a much better image than HD but for this, you need a stronger graphic card.

Refresh Rate

It is very difficult in 2022 to select the best monitor for gaming with a favorable refresh rate. (The number of times per second the screen refreshes its image and is expressed in Hertz or Hz) or Fps.

Monitors good for gaming have, a maximum refresh rate is 170-144Hz. They are pretty common while some esports monitors also have a refresh rate of 360Hz.

For PC gamers, it depends on how strong your system is? Which primarily depends on your graphic card and the gaming requirements.

For example, if you want to play a AAA game at your 4k we recommend an RTX3070 or AMD Radeon 6800 or better. For a 1440p gaming monitor, we recommend an RTX3060.

For console gamers, the Xbox series S and PS 5 are good for 120fps at 4K as long as the gaming monitor supports the HDMI 2.1. PS 5 does not support native 1440p while Xbox does well on 1440p.

Response Time


Response time means the time a pixel takes to change state and is expressed in milliseconds. Less response time is a good sign which avoids ghosting.

To check the response we must rely on a third-party review site. A response time of 2ms or less is outstanding, even a 4ms is also good.

Monitor-Panel Technology

Some of the panel technologies that are widely used in gaming monitors are;

1. Twisted nematic (TN) | 2. Vertical Alignment (VA) | 3. In-plane switching (IPS) | 4. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)

Among all these technologies, IPS is the best. They have high grayscale performance and high-quality colors.

However, Competitive gamers have an issue with this technology. But now they use a layer of nanoparticles that decreases the response time. These are the dominant and best choice for image quality and performance.

OLED is also in the competition for gaming monitors after Samsung launched Alienware 34 QD- OLED. We would recommend personally visiting the mega-mart and seeing the display before buying.

Input Lag

Input lag means the time the monitor takes to perform an action on screen. We recommend that if it takes less than 5ms it is an excellent choice.

AMD Radeon Free Sync Vs Nvidia G-Sync

Both of these technologies help to sink the output of your gaming system the refresh rate of your monitor. This avoids screen tearing and is called variable refresh rate or VRR.

For console gaming, if you are buying a 4K HDMI 2.1 it has its own VRR. If it does not have HDMI 2.1 then you must buy free sync as it is manufactured by AMD. For PC, users’ free sync monitors which are G- sync compatible are widely available are used. If you use a display port to connect.

Curve Vs Flat

This is a common debate and the choice depends on your personal preference. The key thing that you need to know is that the monitor curvature is expressed in “R”.

Smaller this number- a more curved monitor. Monitor with an 1800 R curve is less curved than the 1000 R curve.


HDR can turn a dull game into a vibrant and sparkling game with every part defined. Now we have 4 HDR in monitors

1. DisplayHDR 400 | 2. DisplayHDR 600 | 3. DisplayHDR 1000 | 4. Display HDR 1600

The numbers depend on the level of brightness they can put on the monitor screen.

But still, this technology is lacking in windows. In the case of consoles like Xbox series S and PS 5 HDR is applied but the PC technology is still lacking behind.

According to our tests, DisplayHDR 400 is a good option but DisplayHDR 1000 and DisplayHDR 1600 take it to another level.

USB Port And Its Location

The USB port is an essential feature of the monitor. It helps in connecting the monitor to a mouse, gaming controller, or thumb drive. We can also charge any other device when they are connected to the USB port. Side-mounted USB ports are preferable as compared to backside USB ports due to their ease of connectivity.

For headset gamers, a USB port is a good feature than built-in speakers.

Recomended And Wellknown Brands

1. ViewSonic XG270QG | 2. Dell S2721HGF | 3. Gigabyte G27Q | 4. LG 27GN950-B | 5. Dell S3222DGM

Now you know what kind of monitors are best for gaming and how you can identify them.

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