If you are wondering to know Is Asus portable monitor good? Your search ends here. You know, nowadays the portable monitor has hit the mainstream and consumers are seeing that having a portable device can be very beneficial for their lives. A portable monitor is a gadget that is perfect for those who travel often, yet it’s not just for the businessman or woman. Several people have discovered that they need a portable device to help them through their daily tasks as well as some leisure activities.

Are you looking for a portable monitor? Asus portable monitor is not just for traveling. It is good for gaming too. The lightweight and long-lasting battery of Asus monitor make it an ideal productivity booster for laptops. The display will show nice colors and sharp images with HD resolution as well.

When it comes to portable monitors, the Asus model is a good choice. It is durable, has a wide viewing angle, and offers a large screen size. If you are still wondering is the Asus portable monitor good? If and is the right choice for you, then keep reading on further to know more about the various specifications and features of the Asus portable monitor.


ASUSTek is a multinational company based in Taiwan. Asus products include computer hardware, electronics, and networking hardware. Asus is the world’s fifth largest seller of PC in 2021. Asus is ranked first in Asia and top 10 global brands in the IT hardware category. Their total assets are NT$ 396 billion.

What Is Portable Monitor?

What is portable monitor? Portable monitors are small, wireless devices that can be used to extend the capabilities of a laptop or mobile device. Designed to provide increased desktop space when needed, these devices can easily connect wirelessly using Bluetooth. They’re so thin and lightweight that you can even use them in different places around the house or on the go at someone else’s house.

Asus Portable Monitor

ASUS produces a variety of monitors, the categories are Travel and Lifestyle, Business, Gaming, and Content Creator. If you are interested in Asus monitors but curious to find is Asus portable monitor good? To make you sure, ASUSTeK has designed and developed its monitors by targeting specific users. They have made it easier for you to select your desired category. Whether you want a monitor for entertainment or to increase your productivity.

Best Portable Monitor Gaming

The ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHPE is the best portable monitor for gaming in the full-HD category that we have reviewed. It’s ideal for people who play a lot of video games or watch plenty of high-quality media content and want an extra display. It has an incredible 240Hz refresh rate, a ridiculously low input lag, and a great picture, especially when you consider the size and all its features.


There is nothing worse than a tear in your eye while you’re playing games. Tearing happens when images don’t sync up properly between a GPU’s frame rate and its refresh rate. With FreeSync technology and a bottomless bank account, tearing is no longer an issue. By combining FreeSync with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC™ technology, this monitor can handle even the highest frame rates of the latest games at ultra-high resolutions – all without a single tear ruining your immersion.

Best Color Accurate Asus Monitor

The ASUS ProArt PA148CTV is the best portable monitor we’ve tested when it comes to work that requires color accuracy. It offers excellent color representation without needing any calibration, and its ability to stay within the sRGB color spectrum means that images don’t look too saturated or oversaturated once you set them up. It also helps that this ASUS model has good SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) peak brightness, which makes it useful in a variety of lighting conditions.

This device can be connected with ease. It has an HDMI port which can be used for older devices, and it has two USB Type-C ports which you can use to charge the laptop up or for data, or transfer purposes using a DisplayPort Alt Mode. This monitor also comes with several additional features, including the touchscreen and built-in speakers making it the perfect work companion when traveling around.

How Good Are Asus Monitors

Asus monitors have made a name for themselves in the market of computer peripherals. There are many different kinds of monitors produced by Asus, but all of them are top quality. Their gaming monitors are particularly popular amongst gamers and the Asus VS247H-P is a great choice for anybody looking for a monitor for gaming purposes.

This 24-inch monitor features a 1920×1080 resolution. It responds in 5 milliseconds. In addition to this, the monitor has other features like a 0.248mm pixel pitch, a brightness level of 250 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 5,000, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a static contrast ratio of 50,000, etc. The monitor comes with two HDMI ports, a VGA port, a D-sub port, a 3.5-millimeter jack, and a pair of 2-watt built-in speakers.


Is Portable Monitor Worth It?

If you’re working with a large number of multi-tabbed browser windows and don’t want to have to leave them all open at the same time, a portable monitor can be extremely useful. You won’t need any extra hardware – just one single USB cable – and almost all monitors work straight out of the box so there isn’t much faffing about. With so many devices on the market, there is something that suits everybody whether you’re looking for something basic or high-resolution for graphics design or video creation.

Why Is My Asus Monitor Not Working

Check the power cord to be plugged into the back of the monitor. In case your computer is still having a problem, try connecting it to another power source. There is a possibility that the monitor is faulty if the problem persists. you can reset the monitor by unplugging all the cables from the back of the monitor and then plug it back after 15 minutes. If you still have the same problem, then you need to bring the monitor to the service center.


If you have installed Windows 7 on my computer. For Windows 7 64-bit OS, you will need a 64-bit driver to support the monitor. You need to find the driver from the manufacturer’s website. You will need to download and install the driver on your PC. After checking the Device Manager, make sure that you also have the latest driver for your graphics card.


In this article, we wrote about whether is Asus portable monitor good?. We have listed some of the benefits of using this monitor and a few options to choose from. It is always an honor for us to provide useful information on a topic such as this one! Thanks for reading!

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