Good image quality is a requirement of every user today. But if I want a good quality monitor and I want to build up the capacity of my existing monitor I must be able to answer how do I get a 165Hz monitor?

For that, I need to be in a position of much knowledge about graphic card versions and their compatibility limitation, and the capability of my monitor.

Installation of a new heavier graphics card is not the only remedy to this solution but there are a couple of more things that add to the serviceability and compatibility of their hardware when they work together.

Scroll down this blog as it is going to make you fully understand how I can get a 165Hz monitor and what I should know before going for a hardware upgrade. It has been deliberated in very easy steps to make it easy for you to apprehend.

What Actually 165Hz Means

165Hz monitor has the capability to refresh its image at the rate of 165 times per second. This provides us with a more smooth and more responsive standard of the image than normal commercial 60Hz monitors. To enhance your monitor to 165 Hz, you need to carry out three things!

Make sure your graphics card and monitor both are capable of 165Hz. Enable the 165 Hz setting in the graphic card. Set your monitor refresh rate at 165 Hz.

Let’s do It

You can find a detailed explanation of all these three steps in the subsequent part of this blog. Read carefully, to answer the phrase how do I get a 165Hz monitor?

Focusing on the first step, you really need to verify the worth of your monitor. Open settings, followed by the system, and then go for display call out. You must find the advanced setting option over there. Here come the complete details of your monitor. It will display the model, manufacturer, details of the graphic card connected, and resolution plus refresh rate.

Many more things would be there but this is what our point of concern is. You can also check graphic card details by clicking Display adopter properties.

In addition to that, you can also find out all the details of your graphic card by adopting subsequent methods. Let’s check the compatibility and capability of the graphic card and monitor. To check the graphic card setting you can run DirectX diagnostic.

Press Window + R on your keyboard. The run window will pop out. Write “dxdiag” and enter it. Direct X Diagnostic tool will open.

Open the display tab, there you will find the complete details of your graphic card including its name, driver model, manufacturer, version, and more.

Finally, How Will Your Graphic Card Settings Be Changed?

Now you need to set your graphic card setting to 165Hz. There are a number of methods for that!

In the case of Windows 10, open the start menu and search for advanced settings display. You will be notified of your current refresh rate. You must find a drop-down menu aside from that, check that and opt for max refresh rate. That’s it?

Finally, you are left with setting your monitor refresh rate to 165Hz. Gentlemen, you may or may not require this all the time but you may require this, so you must know this.

There is usually a setting button on the monitor, press that, open the menu, and opt for information. That will display your resolution currently active on your monitor. I.e (1920×1080 60Hz). You need to change it to 165 Hz and you are over with what you were supposed to do.

This complete procedure may differ as per the make and type of your monitor. Do consult your user manual to help yourself.

Problems You May Face

One of the problems that can bother you is that after completing all the formalities you may not get 165Hz but 120Hz or so.

That might be because of your connecting cable. Readout separated blog for that having detailed specs of these cables but in short, all the cables may not be able to give you a complete 165Hz.

You may be needed to run the display port to get a complete 165Hz. 2ndly must refresh and restart your computer after every single change in hardware, software, and driver updates. Because it will only be recognized by your computer when you restart it and it will get updated accordingly.


Why Isn’t My Monitor Displaying At 165Hz Like It’s Supposed To?

Multiple reasons can be identified as being the cause for your monitor not displaying 165Hz and giving less image quality. Your Graphic card might not be capable of that time of refresh rate per second as desired. Be sure of your card that it fulfills the criteria as per the requirement to give an output of 165 Hz.

In addition, check the graphic settings of your monitor as if it confirms the required setting to give a 165Hz display in parallel with the graphic cards.

What Should I Do If My Monitor Only Displays 144Hz?

First, you should not be worried about this tiny upgrade. Read out the complete blog you will be able to get what you desire. Either go for changing your monitor if it is of a very vintage model, or change the setting and graphic card to make it compatible together to give you 165 Hz.

Installation Of A New Window Can Solve My Display Issues?

It’s a strange solution by all of us to most of our issues with our computers. It may help if a few of the driver issues but not a solution to all the problems. Rather it is overdoing and a waste of time. To install a new window but must have a backup of your data and even after installation of the window, you need to confirm the required graphic card setting and monitor display setting as discussed in this blog.


To carry out any upgrades to your computer. You must have ample knowledge about what he wants to do and forget that output, what he is supposed to do.

There is no need to get your computer to market for any natty gritty updates and get charged unnecessarily. Just follow these steps and make yourself acknowledge the procedures. You will be able to get this done by yourself at your computer table. In case you face the same problem, even after changing your hardware.

As we all know that computers today are a complex mixture of electric and printed circuits run by plenty of software. So while completing all the visible and common procedures you may get the problem exists. See the settings as being deliberate in this blog. Confirm to the required option you will get your required results positively.

Enjoy increased picture quality and smooth experience after all you have increased your capability to 165Hz on your monitor.

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