In this blog, we are going to discuss the most highlighted question in our minds that is does an external monitor slow down the laptop?

Many people have used external monitors for many years. The main reason people use monitors with their laptops has to do with the need to increase the number of things they can see on their screens at one time. It gives them access to some information quickly as well as makes it easier to copy/paste between programs or applications, when necessary.

Many people have seen the benefits of using an external monitor with their laptops.

However, are still hesitant to dive in and experience them for themselves. Learn why exactly it makes sense to get one so you can join the many others who use monitors with their laptops every day.

Does An External Monitor Slow Down The Laptop?

It is very rarely a good idea to connect your portable laptop to an external monitor. Visually, this may increase the size of your work area, which can be beneficial for productivity purposes, but there is a hidden cost.

If you are counting on this setup for computer-based gaming or other graphics-intensive work, then you will probably be disappointed with the results because it essentially disables the full range of features and specifications that will have been optimized for your notebook’s display.

We recommend using two separate screens when you want bigger visual options so that they can still carry their weight as individual units without suffering any losses in performance along the way.

Furthermore, if you are in the market looking to purchase a laptop, then it is important to know that these devices make excellent secondary monitors. The only downside is that LCDs perform better when calibrated directly to their resolutions.

For example, if your display was native 1080p and your graphics card output 3200×1800 resolution at 120Hz, then you should not expect to match a flawless picture on an external 1440p monitor with its image quality matching what your DIY monitor can produce.

An external monitor tends to lag because of its higher pixel density or because it cannot yet handle such extreme refresh rates as what standalone, displays function, etc. In short, external monitors will not affect or slow down the laptop if you connect only one.

Impact Of External Monitor Size On Laptop Performance

The greater pixel counts an external monitor has, the more work a laptop needs to do to keep up and ensure it is capable of displaying everything. This means that whilst 4K resolution is stunning, you might find that when you plug it into your laptop, performance suffers slightly.

Lower resolutions, like 1080p, offer better frame rates and take less effort on the computing power of your laptop, meaning you will be able to run things smoother with fewer dropped frames. In short, when the resolution of a monitor increases, the harder a laptop must work to fill each frame with content. Therefore, whether you have a super high-resolution screen on your external monitor or not, its size should not influence the performance of your laptop in any way.

Effect On FPS By Connecting An External Monitor

Most laptops are designed with Graphic processing unit (GPU) and Central processing unit (CPU) performance in mind when used together. However, some laptops may experience lower frames per second if the external monitor’s resolution differs from the one set on your laptop.

On average, attaching external monitors can affect frames per second (FPS) performance. Although you are getting more screen space, it usually comes at the expense of weight, battery life, and cooling.

External Monitor’s Effect On Battery Life

Using a laptop to connect to an external monitor puts strain on the Graphic processing unit (GPU), Central processing unit (CPU), and even the windows laptop battery itself because now many things need computation power to display everything.

This is why it is important to make sure you use a digital visual interface (DVI) or High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cord so as not to put more stress on your computer than is necessary.

If you want optimal frame rates while gaming, be sure to choose one of these connections instead of connecting through Video Graphics Array (VGA).

One thing that might frustrate you if you are always on the go with a Windows laptop is that even if the battery is full, and the device has been charging for a few hours, it may only last for about 1-hour max per full charge which could mean trouble if you plan on doing anything intensive. You could also get yourself a separate charger if travel time does not allow much charging time.

Use Of External Monitors For Dual Display Laptop Gaming

If you are looking to use an external monitor for your gaming laptop, then maybe the majority of the laptops are not supporting external monitors, which are available in the market, but the latest generation laptops are natively designed to support multiple screens.

In general, it is better to use one external monitor with a laptop because that screen has been designed specifically for that machine. To keep stuttering and lag at a minimal level when using a dual-screen setup with your laptop, unplug any unnecessary peripheral cables from your computer. Playing online games on one screen can make it easier to track in-game action, whereas watching videos or writing emails might work well on another more powerful monitor.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to external monitors for laptops. It is important to buy the right monitor that is compatible with your laptop.

If you are looking to use an external monitor with your laptop, it is significant to ensure that you buy the correct one for your needs and that has been designed for your laptop. Before making a purchase, you will need to check your laptop’s specifications first whether your hardware supports this or not. Because not all laptops will, support external monitors.

We hope that our post has given you a little more insight into this topic “Does an external monitor slow down the laptop?” we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

If you have any questions regarding your external monitors or laptop, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading, we always love to hear from our readers!

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