Choosing between curved vs flat monitors might be a challenging decision. Don’t worry, this article will assist you in doing just that. In this article, we will tell you the pros and cons of both monitors so that you could go for the monitor which suits you best.

Both curved and flat monitors have their positives and negatives. We do, however, recommend going for a curved monitor. By the end of this article, you will know exactly why we recommend a curved screen monitor.

Curved Vs Flat Monitors: Comparison

Immersive Experience

Curved monitors due to their curvature offer an immersive viewing experience. They make use of our peripheral vision much easier. As these monitors are curved, it feels as if they hug your viewing angles from all directions.

Flat monitors, however, do not make use of our peripheral vision and hence offer a weaker immersive experience as compared to curved monitors.

Minimize Distortion

Curved monitors eliminate the problem of distortion. Although, distortion comes with an increase in screen size curved monitors are able to minimize distortion.

This is because curved monitors take advantage of their shape and project all the light toward the viewer. On the other hand, flat monitors do not have this advantage and hence reflect light at the viewer and also past their sides.

Reduce Strain On Your Eyes

Because of the physics of light projection of curved monitors on one focal point, it makes it possible for the viewer to take everything happening on the screen all at once.

This provides a comfortable viewing experience by reducing the strain on your eyes.

Flat-screen does not have this benefit because the screen exceeds a person’s natural field of view, also the light projection of flat displays goes around a person as well.

Wider Fiel Of View

Curved monitors due to their curvy design offer a wider field of view. This advantage combined with its focal light projection physics makes for less ocular exertion, thus curved monitors also make you feel like you’re looking at a bigger screen than it actually is.

Prone To Glare

Curved monitors are more prone to glare at certain different angles, this is because of the curvature of the monitor. Each section of a curved monitor projects light at a specific angle, this is not the case when it comes to flat monitors. Flat monitors project light at a straight uniform angle.

Though, this situation can be minimized or avoided by using your monitor with most lights turned off or with the monitor placed such that it does not have any light source directly pointed towards it.

Why You Should Choose A Curved Monitor

Curved monitors come with some amazing features and benefits. Curved monitors are gaining more popularity over flat monitors nowadays.

Curved monitors provide you with an amazing immersive experience with a higher resolution to give you a crisp and clear image. They also have features to protect your eyes from strain but they keep the viewing experience as top-notch as possible. They are the perfect display to play your favorite games as those added pixels can give you a worldly gaming experience.

Curved monitors also have a big screen so you can keep open all your work tabs on the same screen without the hassle of constantly switching between them, which by the way is really annoying, wastes your time, and significantly impacts your work productivity.

Also, they allow for an organized workflow and increase productivity. They are also best when it comes to multi-tasking. So, if you have the budget and workspace available, we suggest you definitely check out a curved monitor for yourself.

Why You Should Choose A Flat Monitor

Flat monitors were once a standard. Nowadays, if you are someone who sticks to general computing tasks such as browsing the internet and watching YouTube, then it is recommended that you go for a flat monitor.

But nevertheless, if you still want to go for a curved monitor as they are trending right now or simply for the aesthetics, who are we to stop you, go for it.

On the other hand, if you are space restricted and on a low budget, then we suggest you consider going for a flat monitor. Your everyday computing tasks are better suited for a flat monitor.


What Is Better Curved Or Flat Monitor?

Flat monitors: A significant improvement over previous, bulkier televisions is flat monitors. Flat displays are also more flattering. Due to their small weight and thin design, flat monitors are simple to install and set up. Furthermore, flat displays are smaller than traditional monitors. The height can also be changed. More difficult to shatter are flat displays. Further, flat displays are less expensive than curved ones. They last longer and cost less money.

These curved displays are 3D displays. You may have the most incredible and lifelike experience possible with it. In addition to being more visually pleasing, curved displays significantly lessen eye fatigue. The cost of curved displays is higher than that of flat ones. They come in a variety of screen sizes. They are slender and sleek in addition to being fashionable. They provide some excellent life to your decor. A more panoramic experience is created by the curved displays.

Curved Vs Flat Monitors For Work

When selecting a monitor, there are several things to take into account. But we’ll only concentrate on two. The first is the method of usage. A curved screen is what you need if you enjoy playing video games since it gives you a more expansive perspective of the action.

If you deal with spreadsheets frequently but aren’t a gamer, you probably choose a flat panel because curved monitors will distort the image at the corners. Price is the second component. Although flat displays are often less expensive, it might be challenging to acquire non-gaming curved monitors for less than $300–$500. I hope this is useful.

Is Curved Or Flat Monitor Better For Gaming?

If you want to improve your gaming, a curved monitor is undoubtedly a fantastic choice. While eliminating motion sickness, which may happen when you view a flat screen for an extended period of time, a curved monitor offers a more realistic experience. Therefore, if you want to maximize your gaming experience, a curved display is unquestionably the way to go.

What Are The Cons Of A Curved Monitor?

The cost of curved monitors is high. The ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) VG248QE curved display was the first to be made available. A whopping $700 was spent on the monitor. The biggest drawback of curved displays is their price. However, Samsung only recently made their curved monitor available, and it is only $380.

Curved displays also have the drawback of being unsuitable for gaming. Curved monitor refresh rates are lower (usually 100Hz or 144Hz instead of 200Hz or 240Hz). A curved monitor is made to be seen more comfortably. As an illustration, let’s say you’re reading a computer article when you feel sleepy and lie back. A curved display seems more comfortable in this posture than a flat one.

Curved monitors have a constrained viewing angle, which is a problem. An approximate 20–30 degree viewing angle is used. A tight angle makes it difficult to see the monitor clearly. It is important for you to be aware of this issue if you share a curved monitor with family members at home.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a gamer who wants to take his favorite games up a notch, then a curved monitor would definitely add extra spiciness.Not only would you be able to play your favorite games on a bigger more curved screen but have a more immersed gameplay experience. If you want extra enjoyment or have an extra competitive edge over your opponents, then a curved wide-screen monitor is the way to go for you. Curved monitors also give you an enhanced viewing experience when it comes to entertainment as well.

Also if you’re a workaholic dealing with work presentations all the time or even someone who does online business, you should definitely look into a curved monitor. Trust me, working on a curved monitor will change your life.

You would no longer have to switch between tabs or minimize windows as a curved widescreen would allow you to keep open all your tabs, this will help you stay organized and also increase your work productivity. On the other hand, if you’re someone who casually scrolls the internet, checks emails, and does online shopping, then a flat monitor may be best suited for your everyday web surfing needs.

Flat-screen monitors are also a good option for someone who does not want to break the bank on just one component of the whole PC system, or if you are on a low budget, and even if you are someone who is not intrigued by a 4k curved immersive display. Then again, all this depends on personal preference and your budget.

Hope this article gives you a clearer image of whether you should go for a curved monitor or a flat-screen one, what are the differences between the two, and which one is best suited for your daily work and entertainment activities.

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