There are many features such as color accuracy, screen size, screen resolution, etc. That you have to take into consideration when choosing a monitor. Among all these features you should also pay attention to the monitor’s refresh rate and understand how to change your monitors refresh rate. Refresh rate plays an equally crucial role as all the other features.

How many times your monitor refreshes the image that you viewing in a single second depends on its refresh rate. That is if say you are using a monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate then this would mean that your monitor refreshes the image 60 times in one second.

The faster your monitor refreshes the image in a single second the higher will be your refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate the better.

How To Change Your Monitors Refresh Rate?

Benefits Of Having A Higher Refresh Rate

Having a smoother viewing experience depends upon the refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate the better it is, especially if you are a gamer as this would provide you with a smooth gaming experience. Higher refresh rate monitors may also increase your gameplay performance as well.

This is because a higher refresh rate monitor will also have a slower response time, which in turn means that the monitor pixels will change from one color to another much faster. This would put you at an advantage, especially in fast-paced action games. Lower response time will result in sharper images and thus you would be better able to see your enemies that are far away.

If you are someone who does not play video games but scrolls the internet for general content, nevertheless, using a higher refresh rate monitor is still recommended. Having a higher refresh rate means that you would be in sync with whatever is being displayed on the screen.

Consequences Of Having Low Refresh Rate Monitors

Low refresh rate monitors are a concept of the past at this point nowadays. The problem with lower refresh rate monitors is that they can result in screen tearing or stuttering. Both these problems are annoying and greatly reduce your viewing pleasure.

Also, lower refresh rate monitors usually result in screen flickering and thus can cause eye strain. You may have noticed all these problems at one point if you have owned a low refresh rate monitor in the past.

Follow These Steps To Change Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate

Your monitor may not come pre-adjusted to the maximum refresh rate straight from the manufacturer, you may have to set it to the maximum yourself sometimes in certain cases. Adjusting your monitor’s refresh rate is not a difficult task. Don’t worry, you can easily change your refresh rate by following these steps;

1- Right-click on the blank space on your screen. An array of options will appear.
2- Select Display settings from all the options. Windows settings will open up.
3- From the windows setting menu, scroll down and click on Advanced display settings. This will further take you to another page.
4- At the bottom of that page, there will be an option that would allow you to change your refresh rate. Simply click on it and it will give you a drop-down menu with all the refresh rate options that are supported by your monitor.

If you are using multiple screens, there will be an option to select the specific screen you want to adjust the refresh rate for. Let’s say you are using multiple screens, each with its own refresh rate compatibility. Then you can individually select refresh rate options that they support.

5- Once you’ve selected the desired refresh rate settings, a pop-up alert would ask you if you want to keep the changes you have made to your refresh rate setting or if you want to revert them, select ‘Keep changes’, your monitor will automatically adjust to that setting. We recommend you select the highest refresh rate option.

The range of refresh rate options to which you can adjust will always depend upon the monitor, graphics adaptor, and the screen resolution that you have set for your device.

If you are using a higher refresh rate monitor but the option to adjust to it is not available, this may be because of an outdated graphics driver. Be sure to update your graphics driver to the latest version. Some monitors also support higher refresh rates but at the expense of setting the display to a lower resolution.

Once you’ve set your monitor to work at the highest refresh rate, you are now free to enjoy amazingly buttery smooth visuals. A high refresh rate greatly reduces the motion blur, it also makes the picture appear more crisp and sharp.


It is recommended that you go for monitors with a higher refresh rate. Many high refresh rate monitors are available on the market with refresh rates from 144 Hz to 240 Hz. A higher refresh rate monitor will not only give you a better gameplay experience but may also enhance your gaming performance.

Higher refresh rate monitors also provide you with a better entertainment experience. This would result in a better gameplay experience, especially in visually intense games with extreme details and ever-changing sceneries.

This would also be better for watching videos or movies, making them visually more appealing. This would add more depth to the viewing experience for the viewer. There are a lot of high refresh rate monitors available in the market.

They come in a range of refresh rate options with varying resolutions. We recommend you look into monitors with refresh rates that suit your need the most. Making your final decision also comes down to your budget as well.

Bonus Info: Difference Between Frame Rate And Refresh Rate

There is a difference between the frame rate and the refresh rate. Frame rate refers to the frequency with which new frames appear in a video, while refresh rate deals with refreshing static images.

If you have a monitor that supports higher refresh rates, then it would also be better at showing higher frame rates.

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