Now there is one thing that is called thunderbolt three-port, which can be found on the new portable gaming monitors and they can run 144Hz through USB-C.

Now this thunderbolt 3 is the same as the USB type-c. Still, the significant difference is the USB type-c on windows can only send one display port signal, which is enough for a 144 Hz display.

Still, to send more signals than 4k OR 144 Hz, the resolution requires two display port signals with thunderbolt three on apple. They have implemented some modules to send two displays forward alerts through one cable.

A load of desktops and laptops and incredibly portable gaming monitors come equipped to run 144Hz through USB-C port. Still, these are primarily for data purposes only, so you should check your motherboard manual or your monitors’ manual to see the objective of this port.

Now, if it is for data only, then there is no way that the monitor will work with this port, the one with video output should have this sign, and it will work, but if it doesn’t work, then you need to find a different way.

What Is A USB-C Cable?

USB-C is a type of USB with 24 pin connectors running through a single line. It was designed to make a one-cable solution for all the USB data HDMI Display port 3.5 mm audio cable, etc.

It is supposed to make your life easier by only connecting one cable for all the connections. USB-C is a perfect innovation to make connectivity hustle-free and you can run 144Hz through U

Options With Pros And Cons

Here are some options that will guide about, how to make this work? we have three options that have their pros and cons.

First Option:

The first is to buy a Thunderbolt 3 expansion card. You can install these expansion cards in your computer or on your desktop, and you get a thunderbolt 3 port on the back. There are pretty good options to choose from them.

Second Option:

You can connect two display port signals from the GPU, and you get one thunderbolt and three outputs for the display.

It is an excellent solution for anyone looking to connect a portable gaming monitor with a 144 Hz display. But this is limited first; this is for those on desktop, and second, they have a thunderbolt the header on the motherboard, also not a solution for anyone who is using a monitor.

Third Option:

For the next one, we can get a USB-C to display the port cable, or you can get a Display port to a USB-C adapter. Remember that you cannot just buy any cable or adapter and expect it to work.

Primarily these cables and adapters are designed to connect your laptop equipped with USB-C to the monitor with a display port on the back. Still, you cannot send the signal in another way.

These dongles can only transmit signals in one direction, so you would need to buy a bi-directional cable or a dongle that can send alerts in both ways. There are specific bi-directional cables and adapters.

It is not a perfect solution as you won’t be getting the 144Hz and some other features of the monitor that won’t work as the webcam, for the streaming, and inbuilt speakers and USB-C ports on the back for connecting peripherals, so we also need to find a way to add USB data to this USB-C display output.

Can You Run 144Hz Through USB-C?

Solution For The Connecting Peripherals

Luckily there is one device that can help us in this situation. You might have heard of vacuum. They make pen tablets for digital art, and they have a series called Cintiq, which are pen tablets with integrated screens.

You can interact directly with the help of a pen, and connect to that, HDMI Display port, or you have the option to click through USB-c. So, to use the USB-c port on this tablet, they provide a device called Wacom link.

Plus, this can take a display port or HDMI signal and USB data from your computer and convert it into a single USB-C connection, and this is precisely what we need to make our portable gaming monitor work something that can take video and USB signals from your computer and merge it is into a single USB-C as an output.

Items Required For The Connection

To make this portable gaming monitor or any other monitor with a USB C connection work, you need the Wacom link plus itself and the display port to a mini Display port cable.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to look for any bi-directional cables in the description because this mini display port is just the miniature version of the display port so it will work for both.

You only have a mini display port on your CPU, then you don’t have to buy any cables as there is a mini display port cable included with the barcode link plus, and it works with the thunderbolt 2 port as well. Once you have both of these things, the rest is easy peasy.

Connect the included micro USB cable, and amazon basics display port cable to the computer and USB c cable, which is included with the portable gaming monitor. Here on the Wacom and the other end to the monitor.

One thing that doesn’t work with this is that the monitor is the auto-brightness control. You may come across the error in adjusting the brightness directly as there is no dedicated keys on this portable gaming monitor.

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