Now it’s time to deep dive into a pool of monitors, a common question arises can I plug webcam into monitor?

Yes, that is our simple answer!

The camera is needed for common day-to-day stuff, video conferences, and family connections.

A digital video device that transmits videos and pictures online is basically known as Webcam. It enables you to participate in activities with people, not around you but at far away distances.

Can I Plug Webcam Into Monitor?

Plenty of software has been made available online to bring sophistication to the use of webcams more easily and instantly. A gentleman said, I just bring home a sophisticated monitor with multiple USB hubs, but while plugging my phone to charge it, nothing was happening.

Neither was it supporting a USB external drive. Finally, he asked, “can I plug webcam into monitor?”

The answer can be “yes” or it can also be “no”.

The reason is, that we have a number of types of USB hubs developed in 2 decades. Those USB hubs have different functionalities and make and type. One should know the mechanics of all those hubs and then he would be able to use them and he will exactly know what to be plugged in and where it has to be plugged.

In addition, the DVI cable does not transfer power or data to a USB drive nor does the monitor power cable give power through monitor USB hubs.

So plugging in a phone or USB drive won’t work at all. But it is not like those USB hubs cannot be used. This blog is meant to make you understand how to use that. Your monitor will not go waste but it will comfort you if you read this out thoroughly.

One Should Know

USB serial bus is the latest advancement in the domain of connectivity and data transfer. Nevertheless, everyone generally knows, what it looks like and what it is used for.

Normally, the ports available on the monitor are not exactly like the ones on the CPU. It may not connect directly to your external devices as the CPU does. You would find a cubical shape USB type “B” plug at the back of your monitor which is like normally used with the printers and scanners to be connected to the CPU.

Connect that to the CPU and a window will pop out at the taskbar showing a USB device not recognized.

That is because drivers for this USB hub are missing in your window as it has never been used before. Right-click on the respective drive and search online update. Every device has a different driver to be driven. So after finding the suitable driver, extract it and install it accordingly. A restart is needed now.

Set upright, and take a deep breath, let it get restarted.

Let’s test it now. Plugin your phone and you must get a different result now, luckily it would be getting charged now. The concept behind this was that monitors do not have type A or modern type C USB hubs. So you need to connect it through type “hub” to CPU which will bring power and connection to Monitor.

Then it will start working as an extension to the USB hub of your CPU and can provide power and connectivity to your external devices to be connected to.

Finally, you must have got your answer that yes you can connect your webcam to your monitor but after making your monitor hubs connected to your CPU.

Types Of USB Ports On The Monitor

Type B is cubical shaped and acts as an extension for USB connectivity to your PC. After making the necessary connection of this port to your CPU, you can enjoy the other ports of the monitor as normal USB ports.

While the other type A ports can connect mice keyboard to monitor directly and if connected to the CPU it can act as an extension of a USB hub for all the compatible devices including your webcam.


Can I Use A Security Camera As A Webcam?

A number of softwares are available which basically bluffs with the software of your computer and create virtual camera signals that are recognized as if it is connected via a hardware port on your PC.

If you have a PTZ IP camera, you must find software and via direct IP connectivity, it can be controlled and configured directly as a webcam. On the other hand, it greatly depends on the type of camera. If it is a two-way audio-supported camera then you can use it after having the necessary software arrangements for it.

But a one-way audio-supported camera might be problematic while being used as a webcam by any means.


Computers are as simple as 2 plus 2 equals 4 but sometimes as complex as the algorithm is. If you do research work, you find it simpler but without research, you will puzzle yourself and will also waste your time and capita.

Before going to purchase any new item, first, carry out necessary research and make a conclusion after consulting a few expert’s opinions, and then go for whatever you feel is better.

Connecting the webcam to the monitor is not a big deal but having thorough knowledge is the ought requirement for this upgrade. Series of USB hubs invented during a considerable lapse of time have their separate configuration and technological understanding.

It is not like plugging in anything anywhere and starting to get what you want to get. It can also harm your hardware and put you in bigger trouble than right now you are facing.

Each piece of information is available in our blogs; keep on visiting to have enough knowledge about new upgrades and solutions to old problems. How do I use my monitor USB plugs to connect my webcam? I use a laptop connected to a monitor.

Laptops normally have their built-in webcam available to them. But if you want to connect an external webcam, for better quality or any issue with the existing one.

You must have to connect your monitor ports to your laptop USB port to make other USB ports of your monitor alive. The detailed procedure has been elaborated in this blog, check it out and stay connected where ever you want to.

If your monitor does not have a USB port, never try to install one. Because with this petty knowledge one cannot mess with the complex electronic circuits used in these devices.

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