Your everyday PC systems are heavy, quite big and to take them from one place to another is a hassle on its own. What are the benefits of a portable monitor?

No one wants to carry a PC system around with them all day, not to mention the ton of cables you’ll be carrying and the amount of time it will take to untangle them from each other. In this day and age, technology is evolving every day and every second. Newer, up-to-date and better technology is coming out day by day to improve and make easy the lives of millions of people.

Latest technological advancements and innovations are improving electronic devices and making them easier, faster, and more efficient in their use.

The same goes for monitors as well. Due to technological advancements, portable monitors have been invented to better suit the everyday lifestyle from an office worker to a student or someone looking for a gaming or entertainment experience on the go. it provides you with ease of usability regardless of your location. Portable monitors give you freedom and flexibility to work wherever you are.

Besides all this, you could also add a portable monitor to your workstation as an extension to your laptop screen or you could pair it with a mobile phone to get a bigger screen with better visuals, as this would provide you with a better entertainment experience.

Why Buy A Portable Monitor?

Trust me, portable monitors will make your work life so much easier.

A portable monitor offers great benefits from increasing your work productivity, more organized and expanded workspace, increased efficiency as well as the ability to work wherever you may be.

They offer the benefit of easy portability to wherever you want, they also require a whole lot less storage space than compared to a desktop monitor. These compact devices are durable and lightweight hence hassle-free. They can easily fit into bags; they even add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your workstation.

They are jam-packed with the same specs as some of the high-end desktop monitors. With innovation, portable monitors are becoming budget-friendly and affordable for more and more people. Portable monitors can significantly improve your workflow.

Uses Of Portable Monitors

Portable monitors can be used for an array of versatile uses. A few of such uses are the following;

1. Live Streaming

For live streaming, portable monitors can be a perfect gadget to get your hands on. With a portable monitor, you can get a bigger screen with amazing graphics, you can move around in your house or your apartment, or even your backyard and still be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows.

Although, you do need constant internet service.

2. Extended Screen

You can use a portable monitor as an extended screen for your workspace. For example, you can connect your portable monitor to a laptop, this would give you the option to extend your display screen giving you the facility to be able to multi-task.

You can connect to a zoom meeting on one monitor while you take notes on the other. This would make your work much easier and you won’t have to switch between different tabs or work tasks which are always annoying to do.

3. For Professional Work

Portable monitors are best suited for your professional work life.

For example, it allows photographers or videographers to view and analyze either the photos they’ve taken or the cinematography that they’ve captured on a bigger screen at a higher resolution.

4. Office Presentations

Portable monitors are so much better for office presentations than the old-school projectors. They have better resolution and thus offer a clearer picture to the observer panel.

They are much smaller and compact than a projector, as a projector is not only difficult to carry around but also does not provide as clear of a picture as a portable monitor.

Benefits Of A Portable Monitor

In terms of benefits, portable monitors offer the best value for money. The sole purpose of technological advancements is to make your everyday life much easier.

Portable monitors are the best when it comes to giving you freedom and flexibility on the go. The following are the benefits of owning a portable monitor;

Size – The biggest upside of portable monitors is that they come in varying sizes. All you need to do is look for a size that best suits your need and that is convenient.

Since they come in different sizes, they do not take up much space in your luggage and hence you can easily pack them if you’re going on a trip.

Weight – Previous monitors were bigger and heavier thus it was not at all possible to carry them with ease and they would also require extra effort and time into setting them up.

Since portable monitors are small, they are made to be lightweight and durable. This in turn makes them easier to carry anywhere with you.

Easy to set up Portable monitors are extremely easy to set up as they do not require multiple cords to be connected to an external device, as this would be a hassle on its own. You could also use them as an additional screen. Hence, portable monitors can be set up anywhere with ease. You can also use them as your security camera display, as this would allow you to take them anywhere you want, thus allowing you to always keep a watchful eye.

Display quality – Although, portable monitors are much more compact in size, still they offer great display quality.

You could easily connect them with your laptop or computer and watch Netflix. The higher resolution would definitely give you a better full-sized entertainment experience.

Touchscreen input – Portable monitors also come with a built-in touch screen. This makes them easy to operate as you do not require an external keyboard or mouse. You can also use them for any creative work and for presentation purposes too.

Budget-friendly – Portable monitors are budget-friendly. They come at different prices with different features and varying specs. They are affordable and represent excellent value for money. They are definitely worth it.


What Are Portable Monitors Good For?

With the use of portable monitors, office workers may display presentations or other visual content on a large screen without connecting their computers to a TV or projector. Simply use a VGA or DVI cable to connect the laptop to a portable monitor, plug the monitor into any available VGA or DVI input on the TV or projector, and then press the laptop’s “present” button. Typically made of a thin flat-screen LCD, portable monitors are light and convenient to transport.

Is Getting A Portable Monitor Worth It?

If you wish to upgrade to a portable display, it’s worth the expense to do so. Portable monitors are very practical for traveling and are simple to use. These days, portable monitors are necessary and are becoming a must for every business person. Portable monitors have recently entered the market and are very successful by today’s business standards.

What Is A Monitor Advantages And Disadvantages?

The benefit is that more people, including seniors, students, and people on the go, can carry it easily due to its small size. It is quite easy to use. Additionally, you are free to work, study, or view movies while on the go. The disadvantage is that the size is too tiny, and the resolution and level of color fidelity are inferior to those of a laptop. Therefore, it is not appropriate for those who want to work on an outdated computer.

Do Portable Monitors Work With Any Laptop?

Not necessarily; some laptops need a unique adapter for a portable monitor. However, most monitors are compatible with laptop adapters. I advise consulting the handbook that came with your particular laptop to find a suitable adapter.

Can You Use A Portable Monitor With A PC?

Yes, Similar principles apply to both stationary and portable monitors. Their small size, lighter weight, and lower cost are the only real differences. The majority of the time, portable monitors are used with laptop computers and are popular among regular travelers due to their battery-powered and lightweight design.

Final Thoughts

Portable monitors can help significantly improve your work productivity. Moreover, they can also make your entertainment experience more enjoyable.

They offer ease of mobility to wherever you want to take them. They are best suited for a busy workflow setting as they are highly convenient and efficient. You should definitely consider owning a portable monitor for your professional life or for a better, full-sized entertainment experience as well.

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