Having a 3 monitor setup is cool but having 3 multiple monitors is enjoyment on another level.

A dual monitor setup has become common in the past few years and gamers, programmers, and many business professionals use a dual monitor setup to enhance their efficiency and to monitor multiple tasks at the same time.

Having a double monitor system is amazing but why stop here when we can have three, four, and even five monitors connected to a single PC. You use your TV screen as a monitor as well.

Basics Tips for 3 Monitor Setup

1. If you are a gamer, you should have the desire to have multiple monitors. Having three screens helps you to play games and to watch your favorite Youtuber live stream side by side.

2. If you are a writer, you can easily write and research at the same time without clicking and changing tabs.

3. You can open your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. on the other monitors and work on the main screen without wasting your time.

4. If you want to watch any movie you are going to have a cinematic experience in your room.

There are however some requirements for setting a 3 monitor set up which are as follows:

1. You need display cables or HDMI cables.

2. Need a graphic card if your system has only two video ports at the back.

3. You can also have a USB to HDMI adaptor to set up a multi-monitor system.

4. External cables to connect the three monitors with the main PC or laptop.

Step-By-Step Guide To Setup A Three Monitor Or Multiple Monitor System

Now, we are going to discuss the ultimate method to set up a three monitor system. You can also connect more than three monitors using these steps but there is a differences in the requirements like the power of the graphic card, the number of ports, and the purpose of setting multiple monitors.

So, let us get into it:

STEP : 1

Check Your System Capabilities

Before you plan or go buy monitors for a multiple monitor system WAIT.

You must be thinking I am reading this article and am super excited about my three monitors system. I am patient less and this article is saying wait? Why should I wait?

The main issue that arises first is that you need to check the back of your CPU and check how many display ports like HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc you have. Many systems have integrated graphics in their motherboard and have two display ports and support only dual monitors system.

Graphics Card

If you come across this scenario and don’t be sad we are here to make you happy. You can still fulfill your wish by buying a graphic card of NVIDIA Or AMD and setting up your three monitor dream setup.

Some graphic cards have multiple ports but all of them cannot be used to connect to other monitors at the same time. To know about this, you have to search the name of the graphic card with the setup you want to run it with.

If you have a graphic card that supports multiple monitor systems, then you are good to go but if unfortunately, your graphic card doesn’t then you have to purchase a new graphic card to fulfill your wish of having a three monitor system.

When you are buying a graphic card, just for this purpose then you can buy cheap modern options. If you want to use both integrated graphic and separate graphic card at the same time, then you have to go to your PC’S BIOS and then configuration then videos and then integrated graphic device and select always enable.

If this option is not enabled the monitor connected to the motherboard will off automatically when you connect another monitor to the graphic card ports. The disadvantage of using both ports at the same time is that you may experience a lag.


If we talk about the ports HDMI port is used for HD video and audio quality. It allows your computer or laptop to directly connect with your main device. DVI is another connector that supports high-resolution videos and is used to connect your graphic card with any other display device.

It is used as a standard for both digital and analog connections. VGA has initially used as a connector in the 1980s developed by IBM and now it is replaced with HDMI and DVI.

STEP : 2

Getting A Monitor For Your Three Monitor Setup

If you want to play games on your three-monitor system, then you must get monitors with the same height and resolution otherwise it will cause disturbance and agitation during gaming.

If you are setting your three monitors system just for official work or for freelance work, then you can get monitors of different screen sizes and different resolutions.

Another thing that you must keep in mind while getting a monitor is that the input port is compatible with your PC. This will help you in avoiding the extra converter cables.

STEP : 3

Setting Your PC Display Settings

Now comes the most awaited step which is connecting the three monitors with one another. This is an easy step but after that, you have to do some changes to the display setting of your system.

First, right-click and select SCREEN RESOLUTION, or in Windows 10 select Display settings, and from here you have to configure all the options for the three monitors system.

Now you will click identify and arrange the monitors accordingly. Select your main screen. Then select whether you want to extend your screen or duplicate drop the drop-down menu.

Now you are finally done and your three monitor set up has been set up and ready to go.

Setting Up A Three Monitor System For Macbook Pro

Setting up a 3 or more monitor system is not as easy as in windows because of the shortage of ports.

You have to get a docking station in which you will connect your MacBook and the other monitors and all the monitors will connect in seconds.

For the arrangement of monitors, go to system preference and click display then select arrangement to organize the screens.

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