Today, gaming is a passion among the youth worldwide. Due to this trend, gaming monitors are highly in demand. But the best gaming monitor under 400 is a bridge between an ordinary monitor and a gaming monitor. The best and most highly featured monitors are required to pursue a fondness for gaming. I know it is very difficult for the students to purchase expensive pc and laptops.

Specs and features of gaming pc play a key role in your performance in-game. As it is an investment, so it requires proper research. The proper knowledge of the desired gaming monitors includes detailed information about the CPU, storage, RAM, and graphic card. If the graphics of a gaming pc is good, but the colors are not bright, or the Monitor is steady, the gaming experience will be ruined.



Lunar Light

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

Screen Size: 24 Inch
Refresh Rate: 240Hz

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Optix MAG274QRF

MSI QHD Rapid (Optix MAG274QRF)

Screen Size: 27 Inch
Refresh Rate: 165Hz

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Screen Size: 32 Inch
Refresh Rate: 165Hz

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The same is the case if you have a gaming monitor with ancient and old graphics with other good factors; even in this scenario, you will not be satisfied. It requires a lot of sorting to have a gaming monitor with great specs at a reasonable and affordable price. You will be glad to know that pocket-friendly gaming monitors are also available with no compromise on features and quality.

Before going out to get a gaming monitor, it is better to look at its features and price ranges. Synchronization technology is also a crucial feature when buying a gaming monitor.

The best 1440p monitors, best 4k monitors, best-curved monitors, and best monitors for PS5 are on the hot sale when they are available at a good price. I will make it easy for you to give a detailed review of the gaming monitor for under 400$.

Instead of going for expensive gaming monitors, isn’t it better to purchase a gaming monitor for under 400$ that will be the best Monitor for PS5 and the best 4k Monitor?

Best Gaming Monitors Under 400 In 2023 – List

1. ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 – Amazon Choice
2. MSI QHD Rapid (Optix MAG274QRF) – G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor
3. GIGABYTE M32Q – Classic Tactical Features With OSD Sidekick
4. Sceptre (E345B-QUT168) – Editor Choice
5. MSI (Optix MAG301RF) – Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor
6. LG 32UL500-W – VA Display With AMD FreeSync
8. AOC CQ32G2S – Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitors Under 400

Things To Be Consider Before Buying Best Gaming Monitors Under 400: Buying Guide

Gaming monitors contain numerous features that play a decisive role in your performance in the games. These specs have ranges and the best range help you to experience the best. The quality of images in your games, input lag, delay time, refresh rate, response time, and panel model affects the games to a large extent.

So, that’s why players focus keenly on each and every factor before investing their money in gaming monitors. So, here are some features of the best gaming monitors for PS5. I suggest keeping them in mind while choosing a gaming monitor for yourself.

Resolution Of The Display

Whenever buying a gaming monitor, it must be in your mind that the resolution must be 1440p 144Hz with QHD or 4k for a better experience. Screen size will be good if it is between 24-32″.

Larger images are larger, but better resolution images are clearer and more detailed. 1440p has an even high refresh rate. So, the best monitors for PS5 under 400 with high resolution are marvelous things.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is an important spec that is evaluated in hertz (Hz). As a bare essential, 60Hz is usually recommended, but for serious gaming, I will suggest you go for 144Hz.

Monitor with 144Hz has a nice refresh rate, and it shows you the difference between 60Hz and 144Hz. So, the best 1440p 144Hz Monitor under 400 are available in the market for pro players.

Screen Size

The quality really depends on the pixel density of a monitor. An even larger display will have a lower pixel density if the resolution is low.

32 inches is considered pretty good, but it will also be ok if the screen size varies from 24 to 32 inches. The best 4k Monitor under $400 with a reasonable screen size is usually in high demand.

Panel Technology

VA panel is the best. Then comes IPS and TN for picture quality. Due to inferior image quality when seen from a side angle, TN monitors are the quickest and cheapest.

Although IPS monitors have somewhat quicker response rates and display color more accurately than VA panels, VA monitors have the best of all panel types. Sometimes, it is not always recommended due to a few low points in the performance.


HDR requires a certain maximum and lowest brightness to ensure the dynamic range. The disturbing thing is that the low-cost displays fail to meet these requirements.

As a result, the Display HDR standard was established, which was introduced with alternate high brightness. 400 or higher Display HDR is quite good that will offer your photographs a more brilliant appearance.

Through the analysis, research and experience, I came to know that some best gaming monitors under 400$ are available in the market. These affordable gaming monitors consist of all the specs that are discussed above.

You all will be astonished to know about the best 4K monitors, the best-curved monitors, and the best 1440p 144Hz monitors can be purchased by you for just 400$. They are budget-friendly and economical.

Recommended Well-Known Brands

Viewsonic | MSI | Acer Nitro | Gigabyte | ViewSonic | Dell | Alienware | Samsung | Sceptre | AOC

Best Gaming Monitors Under 400 2023 – Detailed Reviews

1. ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

Refresh Rate: 240 Hz | Screen Size: 24 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Display Type: LED | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Size: 21.3″x9.4″x20.5″ | Item Weight: 15 lbs

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The ViewSonic XG2431 is the first gaming display to earn the Blur Buster Approved 2.0 certification for flawless backlight strobing efficiency.

It has a 24′′ display screen,1080p resolution, and 240Hz refresh rate gaming monitor with vivid colors, a fast response time of1ms GtG, broad sight angles, and higher refresh and response rate support that relies on an IPS screen.

It is the best gaming monitor for under 400$. Basic, Advanced, and Ultra-Fast are the three response rates available in the settings on the ViewSonic XG2431.

I recommend using the Ultra-fast option with a set 240Hz refresh times. Because of the fast 1ms pixel response rate, it will avoid blurriness in high-paced games without introducing any overshot.

At 3 milliseconds, input lag is undetectable, so I think you won’t even experience any pauses between your actions and the outcome on the Monitor. AMD Free-Sync is offered with a refresh rate of 48-240Hz, enabling you to play games without tearing at up to 240 frames per second.

When the frame rate drops below 48 frames per second, LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) kicks in and increases the frame rate to prevent distortion. Instead of the joystick that has become more widespread, the XG2431’s OSD is operated by five keys. The buttons are a little clumsy if you have used joysticks.

Eventually, within a short period, I became accustomed to them. I am so happy to know that the power switch is on the upper side compared to the other keys, so I did not unintentionally shut down the Monitor.

The OSD begins with nine image options, each altering color to a different degree. The default Standard configuration is the best option.

It enables full alignment, which isn’t technically necessary but enhances image quality. All image settings, including brightness, are available under the Color Customize button. There are five color temperature sets available and User Color, which includes RGB sliders.

So, it’s the first on my list of best gaming monitors under 400.


Outstanding gaming performance
Reasonably priced
Color Coverage is good
Quick and Reliable
Suitable free-Sync and G-Sync Compatible
Outstanding HDR display


Gamma options are unavailable
SDR Contrast can be even better

2. MSI QHD Rapid (Optix MAG274QRF)

MSI QHD Rapid (Optix MAG274QRF)

Refresh Rate: 165 Hz | Screen Size: 27 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Display Type: LED | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Size: 24.2″x8.1″x21″ | Item Weight: 19.30 lbs

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The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD gaming monitor is a stunner. It has a 165 Hz refresh rate, a blur-reducing spec, and G-Sync compatibility.

That also has a large color range that satisfies and significantly exceeds the DCI-P3 standard, resulting in excellent picture quality. That also includes USB-C connectivity and can take HDR data with a resolution of 1440p and a color depth of 10-bit. This is actually a good package between the value and premium categories.

It costs a little less than the original 27-inch 1440p displays released roughly eight years ago, but it offers significantly more performance.

It’s also a good deal, with a price tag of less than $400. Five visual options are available in the Gaming menu, and four are specific for games. The default and optimum mode is User, which asks you to adjust the brightness to your liking. A Night Vision option improves sight by adjusting shadow detail.

Having three levels of overdrive in Response Time. The Fast (middle) mode is the most effective. Three additional visual modes are available in the Professional menu for reading, watching movies, or performing office duties. 4K signal can be accepted by an HDMI. Instead of falling back to 1080p, it downscales it to 1440p, which allows you to enjoy the vivid quality of the pictures on your PS5.

It is the best gaming monitor for under 400$. Anti Motion Blur is a strobe with a backlight. It disables Adaptive-Sync and reduces brightness by 50% when activated.

Because the brightness adjuster is disabled, you won’t be able to adjust it. With Anti Motion Blur turned on, we noticed ghosting, which gave a parallax effect. Anti Motion Blur should be turned off. Using all instructions and guidelines, you can use this affordable gaming monitor, which is just under the price of 400$.


Large Adobe RGB color gamut
Input latency is minimal
Quick response
A strong contrast
Outstanding accuracy
A wide range of connectivity choices


There is no sRGB mode.
No gamma option



Refresh Rate: 165 Hz | Screen Size: 32 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Display Type: IPS | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Size: 37.7″x22″x7.7″ | Item Weight: ‎29.7 pounds

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With a 32-inch screen size and resolution of1440p with an IPS panel display, the Gigabyte M32Q is a terrific monitor. It boasts a broad viewing angle, superb management of reflections, and high brightness.

With a fast response rate, little input lag, and a few useful gaming specs, this Monitor offers an invaluable gaming experience. It features Free-Sync and G-SYNC variable refresh time innovations for an almost tear-free performance in games.

The performance of pixel response rate is likewise excellent. Off, speed, Picture Quality, Smart OD, and balance are the five important overdrive options.

When VRR is activated, Smart OD simply modifies the overdrive stages, which depends on the frame rate, but it is not much efficient. The pixel response time performance is likewise excellent. Off, Picture Quality, Balance, Speed, and Smart OD are the five overdrive options.

Black Equalizer, which enhances vision in darker environments, and on-screen intervals, Eagle Eye, which magnifies the image section, configurable crosshair coverings, and a tracker for the refresh rate are all essential gaming tools.

You’ll discover additional features like gamma presets, 6-axis saturation, and sharpness, in addition to the standard image editing tools (brightness, color, temperature, contrast, etc.), sharpness, and 6-axis hue/saturation in addition to the standard image editing tools (brightness, color, temperature, contrast, etc.).

By analyzing its specs, now you all know that it is one of the best gaming monitors under 400$.


Accuracy of the image
Minimal input lag
Superb gray homogeneity
Excellent response rate


Not possible for the stand to move to a portrait position.

4. Sceptre 2021 (E345B-QUT168) – Editor Choice

Sceptre 2021(E345B-QUT168)

Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Screen Size: 34 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 2.33:1 | Display Type: LED | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 | Size: 32.21″x22.33″x10.41″ | Item Weight: 18.60 lbs

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This gaming monitor offers the finest value for money on the market! The image quality is excellent, and the text is crisp and easy on the eyes.

I generally use this for work with DisplayFusion, and I have no problems. The Speakers are the only feature of this product that I don’t use very much, but they are nice.

You can’t seriously expect a $350 monitor to have all the bells and whistles, but this Monitor is worth the money. Outside of the Options, you can alter Brightness and Contrast too. From a 29-inch 75Hz monitor, If you intend to upgrade to a 34-inch 21:9 ultrawide with a refresh rate of 100Hz, this is the best choice.

It’s impossible to go back to 16:9 in terms of productivity with 21:9. I can easily work with two applications on display simultaneously, whereas 16:9 requires me to utilize two windows.

This minimizes the need for a third device. It was brighter than I actually wanted, but I adjusted it in Microsoft, and it now looks fantastic. The menu system is not as straightforward as LG’s, but I was used to it. It is most likely suitable for use in workplaces.

It contains an LED projector representing the brand logo “S” that you can put as an alternative. It’s similar to the small lights when you unlock your automobile doors.

This was a great deal for the price paid by me. Even if you aren’t interested in gaming, the desk space and extra windows make it a practical choice. If it’s up to me to suggest an opinion about this pc, I will surely recommend grabbing this opportunity as it is the best gaming monitor under 400.


Outstanding gaming experience
Easy assembly
Colorful IPS panel
A strong set of features
Blue light filter
AMD Free-Sync


No genuine HDR panel.
No ports for USB.

5. MSI (Optix MAG301RF)

MSI (Optix MAG301RF)

Refresh Rate: 200 Hz | Screen Size: 30 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Display Type: LED | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Size: 27.93″x15.72″x9.21″ | Item Weight: 22.27 lbs

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Because of its ultra-wide width and brilliant color IPS panel, the MSI MAG301RF provides an immersive visual effect. It offers a fast 1ms GtG response rate and a refresh rate of high 200Hz, which makes it perfect for multiplayer games. It also has a lot of useful specs. So, it’s amazing to have these all features in an inexpensive gaming monitor.

Basic, advanced, and ultra-advanced are the three overdrive settings. I recommend staying with the ‘Fast’ option because ‘Fastest’ can cause a few overshoots.

The gaming experience is pretty smooth, which I want to thank for the high refresh rate 200Hz of the gaming monitor. At 2ms of delay, input lag is unnoticeable, and MPRT motion blur reduction is available as an option. A backlight strobing in MPRT can further minimize the apparent motion blur and reduce the maximum brightness when activated.

Some IPS glow is visible, as it is on all IPS displays, but it is bearable. The Monitor’s OSD menu is optimized and has numerous useful specs. I recommend you guys go for this gaming monitor as it is one of the best 1440p gaming monitor under 400.


Quick response rate
Broader viewing angles
Numerous features, including MBR and Free-Syn
Low input latency
USB hub and ergonomic stand


The contrast ratio and the IPS glow are not satisfying due to the panel technology.

6. LG 32UL500-W

LG 32UL500-W

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Screen Size: 32 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Display Type: LED | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Size: 28.7″x8.2″x20.4″ | Item Weight: 13.67 lbs

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LG 32UL500-W offers a straightforward design that works well in office environments. The display is fantastic. The colors are true to life, and the resolution is razor-sharp.

It is quite simple to assemble this gaming monitor. The stand buckles into place, and the bottom slips in and is held in place by the screws. You just require 5 minutes to unpack it and assemble it for usage. The adjustment of display tilt is also amazing, as the display can be tilted to approximately 20 degrees.

It is suggested to set it according to your suitable viewing angle. The viewing angle is broader and wider. It has a feature of auto-resolution, which adjusts the display efficiently. Its menu options are simpler and easier. A joystick is present in the bottom center of the screen. Which gives a quick approach and chooses the configurations accessible from the menu, including picture modifications.

The sound quality is loud and good. In-built speakers are installed, and the sound emanates from the security cameras. It is the best 4K monitor for under 400$ with 32 inches screen size.

There is no screen tearing. Mostly navigating through the buttons to modify settings is difficult, but this gaming monitor just does this with one button. Using this pc, you are allowed to manage two computers by plugging them into the Monitor to use them. It offers a black stabilizer feature that manages the brightness in a dark environment.

The reader mode is installed in the LG 32UL500-W, which helps to work easily without the emission of blue light. Dynamic action sync is used to minimize the input lag. AMD’s Free-Sync technology minimizes screen distortion.

By using a graphics card, the Monitor can adjust the refresh rate. The specs show that this is among the best 4k gaming monitor under 400. So, avail it as soon as possible.


VRR support.
Big screen display
Black stabilizer


Little slow response rate

7. SAMSUNG (LS34J550W)


Refresh Rate: 75 Hz | Screen Size: 34 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Display Type: LCD | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 | Size: 9.55″x32.6″x18.53″ | Item Weight: 15.21 lbs

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The Samsung S34J550W is the most cost-effective with the 1440p resolution, making it an excellent economical option for daily usage, the best gaming experience, and casual office working.

The high resolution assures a specific description and great screen space, while the sRGB color gamut provides bright colors to the display. Visual quality is excellent, especially given the Monitor’s price. The input lag performance of the Samsung S34J550W is superior. It has a delay time of just 9ms, and it is excellent for a 75Hz screen.

It is possible to synchronize the refresh rate of the display if a graphics card capable of Free-Sync is available, eliminating all screen stuttering.

The Samsung S34J550W’s design quality is pretty good, with no visible flaws or a shoddy feel. Because the parts are created with accuracy, they assemble together properly. The Samsung S34J550W boasts good color quality, which starts at 100 percent coverage of the sRGB spectrum, with minor shade expansions.

All the detailed analyses and reviews of the features of SAMSUNG (LS34J550W) prove that it is among the best gaming monitors available for under 400.

Samsung S34J550W has greater screen space for a better gaming experience. The price is unbelievably low. The VA panel has one of the best brightness, but the color quality suffers due to accuracy.


AMD Free-Sync
sRGB color gamut
Greater screen space


Lack of HDR support

8. AOC CQ32G2S


Refresh Rate: 165 Hz | Screen Size: 32 Inches | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Display Type: LED | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Size: 28.08″x20.88″x9.64″ | Item Weight: 16.87 lbs

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AOC CQ32G2S is a good gaming monitor. The minimal input lag and fast response rate provide a terrific core gaming performance.

It’s also a good choice for usage in the workplace; it may be a problem that it has limited viewing angles. But you can manage reflections well. The ergonomics of the AOC CQ32G2S are adequate. You can manage its excellent height. It is a standard version of the curved Monitor and is considered the best-curved Monitor under the price range of $400.

That’s why you cannot rotate it freely. The rear of the Monitor features a simplistic design comparable to that of other AOC monitors that are evaluated by me.

Instead of RGB lighting, a small cable adjustment hole is present in the rear of the stand. On the back, an instant button is also installed. Overall, the AOC CQ27G2 is made of good quality. Despite being comprised of plastic, it has a sturdy feel about it. You will find no apparent gaps, and the bottom of the border is even.

I am intended to point out that the AOC monitor supports G-sync. The AOC CQ32G1 is a fantastic gaming monitor. It has numerous specs, along with smooth performance and outstanding picture quality.

WITH THESE AMAZING SPECS, AOC CQ32G2S is the best curved gaming monitor under 400.


Superb SDR color gamut
G-sync compatibility
Minimal input lag
No additional gaps


Poor peak brightness
The vision fades at some angle



What Is The Best Gaming Monitor Under 400 Dollars?

When searching for the best gaming monitor under $400, there are a few factors to take into account. You must first choose the kind of game you will play. If you play video games competitively, you should look for a display with a fast refresh rate and less input latency. You need a display with excellent color accuracy and a high resolution if you choose to play single-player games.

You may begin looking at individual monitors once you’ve chosen the sort of game you’ll be playing. The ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q is a fantastic choice for gamers that play competitively. You won’t have to be concerned about input latency as it features a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 4 ms. You won’t have to worry about screen tearing because it is G-Sync compatible.

A great option for gamers who want to play by themselves is the Acer Predator X34P. With its 34-inch curved display, your immersion in your games is assured. Additionally, it has a resolution of 3440 x 1440, so you can see every detail. Additionally, it supports G-Sync, so screen tearing won’t be an issue.

In the end, the sort of game you’ll be playing will determine which gaming monitor is ideal for you. If you play video games competitively, you should look for a display with a fast refresh rate and less input latency. You need a display with excellent color accuracy and a high resolution if you choose to play single-player games.

What Monitors Do Most Gamers Use?

The majority of gamers use displays that are at least 22 inches wide. Some gamers utilize displays that are much bigger, up to 27 inches. A factor for gamers is the monitor’s resolution. Most gamers use a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher.

Are Gaming Monitors Under $400 Good?

Yes, there are quality gaming displays for under $400. The adage “you get what you pay for” is undeniably true, but your priorities may also affect this. For instance, you have to spend a little bit extra if you want the greatest visuals.

You may always get a gaming monitor for around $400 if you don’t want the greatest but still want an excellent gaming display. Everything depends on your needs and values.

Is 2k Or 4K Better For Gaming?

The greatest resolution for gaming, if you’re talking about the monitor’s display, is 4K. More than twice as high definition as HD, 4K resolution is now the standard for gaming displays. What makes 4K superior to 2K is as follows: Images in 4K are clearer and more vibrant since they contain twice as many pixels as in 2K.

Compared to 2K, 4K offers far better clarity. Compared to 2K, 4K provides a wider spectrum of colors. Between black and white, there is more contrast. The visuals and display have a greater level of depth and clarity. Compared to 2K, 4K offers a quicker response time.

With 4K, there is less motion blur. It’s better for games that go quickly. Gaming in 4K is superior due to the 4K environment. You can watch brand-new films, play 4K video games, and watch 4K Blu-ray discs on your 4K TV with 4K.


Gaming is the passion of our youth in the current era. The gaming experience and performance get better with selecting an appropriate gaming monitor.

For the pro players, all the crazy specs are crucial. Not even a single feature can be compromised. In this scenario, the demands and prices of the gaming monitors are soaring high in the sky.

It is like a dream to pursue a love for gaming on a budget. So, I suggested the best monitors under 400$ with all the important specs. Affordable gaming monitors are worth buying. So, all the options discussed above will surely enhance your gaming performance. You can buy them with just a click from the most trusted online store AMAZON.

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